Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems let you create the perfect ambience every time.  Control any light or group of lights in any room, or across the whole house with a single button press, or simple voice command.  Make your home look occupied when no-one is there, or have your lighting respond automatically to the way you live.  The possibilities are almost limitless. 

Lighting control isn’t just smart because its easier to use - it also saves energy, helps to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and saves you money on your utility bills.

Why not contact us today and find out what smart lighting could do for your home?



Automated shading provides beautiful simplicity and ease of use, not just for difficult to reach windows.  Harness the sun’s energy in winter to passively heat your home, or close the shades in summer to keep things cool, without losing that stunning view.  Wake naturally by programming the shades to open at sunrise or a specific time, add privacy, or achieve the perfect black-out when you need to sleep or enjoy a movie in the middle of the day.

Motorised shading is near silent and can be battery operated for the ultimate in energy efficiency.  Its safer too, with no cords to get tangled in.  Shading can be a stand alone solution, or fully-integrated into a Control4 system.


Comfort & Heating

Control4 lets you integrate your existing HVAC, radiant flooring, forced air, dual fuel and geothermal systems, then adjust climate settings at the thermostat, through the user-interface from a touch screen or smartphone, or even just using your voice.

Temperature and humidity can adjust automatically according to the season and you can even take this convenience outside your home - controlling your pool and irrigation systems, or automating your sprinklers and lawn systems to respond to the weather.